Debate: Records Management in the Cloud

To highlight their white paper, CMSWire hosted these two divergent essays on the merit of utilizing SharePoint for records management.  Take a peek:

The argument against SharePoint by Joe Shepley:

SharePoint 2007, was supposed to be “records management ready,” but required users to put all their records in a separate area (the records center) to manage them … SharePoint 2010 didn’t get much better. True, you could now manage records in place, but 2010 drove records retention and disposition using content types, which, if you had a few hundred of them, were incredibly cumbersome to work with

The defense of SharePoint by Mimi Dionne:

Two counter arguments immediately spring to my mind.

First, it is not hard to implement records management enterprise-wide … Second, if a Records Manager doesn’t know how to implement SharePoint 2010 RM Services across the enterprise well, it is because the Records Manager doesn’t have a development environment.

From the comments section on Shepley’s article, we found this additional analysis by Mark Jones at Collaboris that’s worth reading as well.