Calling It A Day

Jullien Gordon has some ideas on the modern day quandary of never knowing when to call it quits at the office.  As he says, “Work is never-ending. Emails are never-ending. And to-do lists are never-ending. As a result, a white collar worker can have an extremely productive day and still feel overwhelmed and unaccomplished at the end because there is always more to do.”

He has four ways of deciding when to go home, that he changes based on the project:

  1. Energy-Based: I’ll Leave Work When I’m Dead Tired
  2. Time-Based: I’ll Leave Work When The Clock Strikes 5pm
  3. Results-Based: I’ll Leave Work When I Finish My Daily To-Do List
  4. Feeling-Based: I’ll Leave Work When I Feel Good About What I Accomplished

Head over to the full article to read about how he makes that decision.

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