GSA Schedule Tips

The Government Contractor’s Network has spend some time reviewing the twelve benefits of GSA as released by GSA, “translating” them into common parlance.  We thought they were quite helpful in looking at things in a practical manner, you may as well.  For example:

4.  Small Business set-asides are allowable at the discretion of the ordering activity contracting officer helping your organization to meet your socioeconomic goals. It is important to note that 80% of all GSA Schedule holders are small businesses and the simplified ordering procedures for Schedule set-asides are prescribed in FAR 8.405-5, not Part 19.

Translation: In addition to having limited competition by virtue of having a GSA Schedule, your pool of competitors could be even smaller based on your business size! Contracting Officers have the authority to set-aside GSA task orders specifically for small businesses. This is a benefit to your customer because it allows them to reach their Small Business goals. If you are a small business, be sure to always represent your small business certifications on your website and all your GSA related literature.


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