In Praise of Pursuing “Big Data”

Curt Finch at Small Biz Trends has a call to arms for small businesses to begin harnessing their own data:

While many large businesses have invested in big data technology, small businesses have been slow to take part. Taylor explains that while big data technologies might not seem appealing for businesses with limited resources, it is better for businesses to invest in analytics now, before their big data grows to unmanageable proportions.

Big data is more accessible than ever, thanks to a rise in cost-effective big data technologies. In addition to the well known Google Analytics and Google Adwords, there are many other free or low-priced technologies that are well suited for a range of small businesses.

Before investing and implementing big data technologies, small businesses should take stock of their existing data and their business objectives.

These points are particularly relevant for businesses with digital storefronts.  With small brick and mortar establishments, businesses were able to personally observe and learn from the buying patterns of their customers.  Now that information is housed in your analytics programs, but only if you utilize them.  Read the full article for more (and a quite great bombastic graphic). 

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