9 Steps to Being Accountable For Your Service

Maria Palma at P2P wrote a few words on an article she found that talked about the ideal relationships that physicians have towards their patients.  She found particular value in Step 3, which emphasizes the importance of “Continuous, longitudinal, person-centered care.”  Here’s how she applies it to businesses:


Many of us are focused on the one-time sale and once that sale is done, that’s it. What I’ve learned in my experience is that nurturing relationships and thinking about the person and how you can be of service versus how much you can sell to them will get you far in business.


Transparency Camp 2011 Wordle

Transparency Camp 2011 Wordle (Photo credit: Divergence)

Here at AGi, we were drawn to the 5th and 7th Steps, which emphasized the importance of credibility and trust as well as the practices behind true cost effectiveness.  Effective communication, collaborative goal-setting & cost transparency are all concrete values that we think about daily in our relations with partners, government agencies and the public.

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