Debating the Utility of the Cloud in Records Management Solutions

When Rutrell Yasin at GCN asks us whether , “…the answer to records management in the cloud,” it appears that he thinks the answer is rhetorical.  He cites a lack of reference in a reference MeriTalk survey on the possibility of cloud computing to addressing inefficiencies, and then points to the success story of the Oregon Records Management Solution, which allows “state, city and county agencies manage and provide access to records in an efficient, uniform manner and will save money on storage, risk and litigation costs,” according to their officials.

While acknowledging the its strengths, industry leader Iron Mountain has warned against thinking of the cloud as a “magic solution,” going on to assert that, “General purpose cloud storage vendors are not focused on the specific needs of ERM implementation, and the services they do provide don’t quite fit those needs.”

As cloud-based solutions grow increasingly prevalent in all sectors, AGi believes that these are conversations that we will need to continue to have, and certainly welcomes any thoughts from our readers!


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