Military Families & Employment

If you follow us on twitter, you may have seen us link to this excellent toolkit offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs that highlights important information for employers looking to utilize the special skillsets of veterans moving into the civilian sector.  For instance, one tool offered is known as the “Military Training Model,” which offers concrete steps to create a clear sense of expectations for the role that they’ll be moving into.  An example:

Identify responsibility for mission objectives. In the military, each Service Member has different responsibilities and works together with other members of his or her unit to complete a mission. Working together this way as a team may best ensure success when each member knows which components are his or her responsibility and which components are the responsibilities of others.

We’d also like to draw your attention to a great post at the NYT highlighting a military spouse and entrepreneur, Amber Turner, whose business assists military spouses to develop portable and flexible careers that acknowledge the frequent moves that military families make.

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